Touring the Town

Waltzing up to our first stop on the Foothill Foodie Tour I had no idea what to expect.  It was rainy, cold, and a Friday, so not to make it all about me but I was SPENT.  Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to schmooze with a bunch of people over small bites and strange alcohol.  Well, luckily for me the Foothill Foodie Tour was anything but schmoozing and small bites.  

Upon meeting Rose Woelker, the brains and boss behind Foothill Foodie Tours, I knew it was going to be an experience to remember.  Rose is full of knowledge all about Greenville.  We started the Friday night tour playfully named “Vine, Stein, and Shine Tour” at the Trappe Door.  Before even starting the tour Rose gave us a great background on the rich history of the building the restaurant is located in, as well as facts about various landmarks around Greenville.  

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Before this tour, I had never been to The Trappe Door, so I didn’t know much, other than it was German-centric.  We sampled three different delicious beers, along with their outstanding french fries.  After getting full of comfort food we moved on to Jerky and Vine.  This was another place I had never ventured to before, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn all about the restaurant.  Jerky and Vine taught us all about various red and white wine they sell and serve.  Along with the wine we sampled various chocolate the restaurant also sells, and let me tell you I was in HEAVEN. 

Our third stop of the evening left me quite buzzed in the best way.  Our third stop was to Dark Corner Distillery, where we sampled countless moonshine.  This was probably my favorite part of the tour, because I had never had moonshine before this experience, and thanks to the incredible flavors Dark Corner offers, I will be a repeat customer.  We left Dark Corner with two parting gifts, one being a nice Friday evening buzz, and the other being a super cool shot glass to commemorate our evening.  

The fourth and final stop of the tour is one of my favorite places to go in Greenville. Crepe Du Jour never seems to disappoint and this experience was no exception.  We had a set menu to choose from a few different cocktails off their menu, along with either a sweet or savory crepe.  This was the perfect ending to our tour, the great atmosphere the restaurant offers, along with the fantastic food and drinks capped off our tour perfectly.  

Rose does a phenomenal job of guiding each guest on a foodie tour of Greenville.  Her hospitality and knowledge is unmatched, and I highly recommend checking out Foothill Foodie Tours so you can experience the euphoric experience for yourself.  

They offer a few different tours, a Saturday morning breakfast tour beginning at 9a.m., a Saturday afternoon dessert tour at 1p.m., and a cocktail tour on Saturday afternoon at 4p.m.  Now, I’m partial to the Friday night tour beginning at 4p.m. where you get to sample everything from fries to chocolate, to moonshine.  

Check out Foothill Foodie Tours here: Foodie Tours

Tell Rose Guys Guide sent you! 

Happy Touring 


Guys Guide 

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